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What is Osteopathy Healthcare?

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners who pride themselves in staying informed with current knowledge, emerging research and best practice guidelines. If we are not the best person to assist you in your needs, we can refer you for imaging or to specialists. Osteopaths are ACC providers and are covered in Southern Cross healthcare schemes.

OsteoLife Osteopaths consider the whole person and tailor a treatment / healthcare plan individually to fit each person (patient). You are unique - we do not think one size fits all.

Osteopaths focus on the physical body (neuromusculoskeletal system) with hands-on treatment and advice in the management of symptoms, reducing pain and improving function of the body. Our aim is preventing and reducing dysfunction and disease.

OsteoLife Osteopaths are healthcare professionals we promote health by empowering patients on improved lifestyle choices. The patient is an active participate in their health journey learning what is best for them to be their best and live life to the full.

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Renée Fischer
Renee Osteopath 

 NZ Registered Osteopath. ACC Accredited. Southern Cross Easypay Approved

"From my own journey I know what it is like to be in pain and searching for answers to improve personal health & well-being. Pain can be a scary experience; but it can also be empowering and lead us to positive healthy change. It is an honour to help people and give them the knowledge and power to understand their own health / wellness needs. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to improve your body's function and well-being – Arahanui."

I work with babies, children and adults for a huge variety of pains and dysfunctions. From various musculoskeltal injuries or dysfunction to head injuries and digestive problems.

I am qualified to work on the:

Neuromusculoskeletal system
The physical body of muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood supply

Cranial system

The bones in the head, spine and pelvis, fluid flow around the brain and down the spine to the tailbone

Visceral system

The internal organs including, lungs, digestion, kidneys and reproductive organs

My adult appointments run an hour long so I can be thorough checking your full body and give you as much hands-on treatment time per appointment

Contact Info

Phone / Text Renée 021 129 8660
Email: renee@osteolife.nz
Facebook @Osteo4Life


What our patients say:

Service and Prices


Please Phone / Text Renée 021 129 8660 for an appointment

OsteoLife Hours: Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 6pm

Treatment Prices:

 $120 Private charge per appointment (Low income unable to cover treatment cost please discuss payment options)
$80 with ACC per appointment (ACC can be lodged at your appointment with your Osteopath)

Co-payments made by SouthernCross Insurance Accepted here with easypay

* Please note prices are subject to change - current prices are set for 2024.  

Children & Babies are a 30min appointment & price depends on ACC cover $30 - $80 Charge


Please allow up to one hour for your appointment

 ACC Accredited
NZ Registered Osteopath
Southern Cross Easyclaim provider

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